As a younger artist I always enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of how an artist put together a piece of art, be it a painting or a comic. So, on the off chance that someone may be interested in the same thing, I put together an image of the steps I take to draw a page. This is from the second book, the one I’m currently working on so the final image is rendered in inkwash over pencils rather than straight black and white inked art.

Now I don’t work from a movie-type script, being a visual person I lay out my scenes at the same time I do the dialogue in my thumbnails. Here, I’ve blown it up quite a bit for legibility, compared to the finished art they are typically much smaller than this and not necessarily readable to anyone other than myself. This is not a problem since I’m the one drawing it but if ever I work with another artist I’ll have to clean that up a bit…

Next is the rough stage, done digitally in Manga Studio 5. This is in the same dimension as the final art will be. Some things will change from the thumbnailed drawing but not much, being that the setting and dialogue are already in mind.

After this is the penciled page, again in MS5. For this book the digital pencils are printed onto a watercolour paper so that I can do the inkwash in the real. I do this so I can keep a bit of the griminess of actual ink on paper rather than a digital equivalent. I then scan the inkwashed page and clean up a little bit before calling it a day.  Then the lettering is layered on top. Previously digitally, this time I’m hoping to do it by hand.